What Is Direct to Garment / Digital Apparel Printing


If you’re looking to expand the marketing operations of your current business model, then you may want to delve into the direct to garment printing scene which is highly effective in today’s competitive industries. When people walk around in certain types of clothing, others will take notice. Therefore, DTG is a great way to grasp their attention and have them wondering about what it is that they are reading or seeing. A company’s chosen marketing strategies will have a direct effect on their success. However, if they are negligent towards placing great emphasis on their marketing techniques they will fail in their endeavors, as there are so many competitors in just about every field or niche in business.

Direct to garment printing, also referred to as DTG printing, is a form of digital direct to fabric printing, apparel printing, and inkjet to garment printing are processes of printing on special garments and textiles utilizing modified or specialized technology. The key requirements of a direct to garment printer are transport mechanisms for the specialty inks and garments that are specifically applied to the textile(s) in a direct manner and are fully absorbed by the fiber materials. DTG printers can be considered as being descendants of desktop inkjet printers in which some devices even utilize preexisting printer parts. Some inkjet technological manufacturers offer a multitude of products that are designed for providing heads, inks, printers, and textile printing. Over the past eight years, the speed and resolution of DTG inkjet printers have increased significantly.

Most direct to garment printers are driven from computers through the utilization of proficient software that is known as the Raster Image Processor, or RIP. It enables the printer device to print large volumes of ink if needed, in which they generate underbases of white ink for dark colored shirts while simultaneously providing for greater precision of color management through different color profiles.

Direct to garment printing is a good way for companies to promote the services and/or products they offer for their respective consumers/clients. In order for a company to succeed through advertising, they will need to stick out and show uniqueness and creativity. DTG is a great way to promote oneself with such elements in mind. Contact one of the DTG specialists to get your advertising started and your company represented in a fashionable way. You will quickly experience a sudden influx of clients and/or customers wanting to do business. Fashion is a trendy element of lifestyle today. Therefore, direct to garment printing is greatly effective as it enables companies to take advantage of an opportunity that is not only trending at high rates of popularity, but also one in which they can stand out from competitors by receiving the assistance from their customers/clients by asking them to wear the promotional gear. It also doesn’t hurt that the DTG items are CMYK (come in unlimited colors) and are fashionable.


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